Full Set Of 6 DVDS Volumes I – VI $ 79.95

Set Of 4 DVDS Volumes III – VI $ 59.95

“Sail The World Through Us!”

This DVD covers our research in choosing the right boat for us to live aboard while we explore the world. We visit boat shows and charter, finally finding our 1975 Fisher 37 that we name Vicarious. We are amateur sailors with limited experience and will make plenty of mistakes along the way.

Volume I | 52 minutes $29.95

” Year Of The Refit “

This DVD covers all that we have changed and updated, from a completely new anchoring system to rewiring the entire boat.  Vicarious has come a long way since Vol. I and is very close to being cast-off ready.  Join us for a full year of refitting our 1975 motorsailer in preparation for our sail around the world.

Volume II | 150 minutes $29.95

” Outfitting for long range cruising “

This DVD covers a complete re-power, installing a water maker, solar panels, diesel generator, wind generator, washer/dryer, life raft, EPIRB, the contents of our ditch bag and much more. Our year long cruise from Maine to Grenada and back was a test for us and all of the equipment that we installed.

Volume III | 69 minutes $29.95

” Cruising along the U.S. East Coast “

This DVD covers our cruise from Maine to Miami including our trip down the Intracoastal Waterway.  We have extensive coverage of such places as the Blynman Canal to Annisquam River, the run through Hell Gate, Atlantic City, and The Great Dismal Swamp Canal, just to name a few.

Volume IV | 73 minutes $29.95

” Cruising to Paradise Miami to the BVI “

This DVD covers our cruise from Miami to the British Virgin Islands.   We push through the strong Trade Winds and have extensive coverage of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, Big Sand Cay in the Turks and Caicos, Luperon in The Dominican Republic, the island of Culebra and the spectacular Baths in the BVI and much more.

Volume V | 79 minutes $29.95

” Cruising Throughout The Eastern Caribbean “

This DVD covers our cruise through the eastern Caribbean from St Martin to Grenada with visits to most of the major Leeward and Windward islands along the way.

Volume VI | 85 minutes $29.95